• The grain available on the #4 finish stainless steel can be parallel with a length up to 120”. Also, it can be parallel to a width up to 48”.
  • A piece that is over 48” will only be able to have the grain going the 48”+ direction. To specify the way you want the grain to run, enter the length as the number you want the grain parallel to, no matter if it’s the larger or smaller number.
  • The grain is on both sides of the sheet, and run the same direction, but there is only protective film on one side. Also, the grain looks identical on the 304 and 430 stainless steel, but the protective film may be different colors.
  • If the material is to be hemmed, the protective film will be on the outside, unless it is specified to be different.
  • This is the same brushed finish commonly seen on kitchen appliances.